Recent Altcoin Investment

I've been an avid follower of cryptocurrencies since 2012. I was brought to the attention of it when Bitcoin began to gain traction, alongside Litecoin.

Bitcoin went on to massively surpass any expectations and left most altcoins behind.

There weren't a vast amount of coins around back then, but the demand for Bitcoin saw more coins being created.

Most don't take off and end up silently shutting down. However some are niche enough to keep above board and some are even extremely successful. Take Ethereum and ZCash for example.

I'm going to write about my most recent investment and why I chose it. I won't include the amount of money used for investment, but it would have been enough to warrant writing about.

I have been investing heavily in Mooncoin over the last few months. Mainly because the infrastructure is much better than any other coin out there. The blockchain is reliable, stable and transactions are the quickest I have ever come across.

Another reason I have been investing in Mooncoin is due to the fact that it is extremely cheap to buy at the moment, however the estimated projection is that it won't remain at a low price for long.

Unfortunately with Mooncoin it's going to be a long-term investment. But with an active community, we are looking at pushing Exchanges to integrate the coin with their services so that it can easily be purchased. With this, an increase in price would be imminent.

Luckily, are working on something (according to their twitter reply) but have no timescale on when it will be completed. My hope is that with the amount of people filling out their application form, it won't be long.

I'll be looking back on this in the future hopefully, and laughing. Either because it went horribly wrong and I lost out, or because Mooncoin did actually manage to stay above board and push up through the rankings.

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