Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac & PC)

This guide is for those of you that struggle with remembering what the key combinations were to do that special something on your PC or Mac. More guides to come!

PC Shortcuts

Ctrl + X

Ctrl + C

Ctrl + V

Ctrl + Z

Quit your open program
ALT + F4

Lock your computer screen
Windows Logo + L

Close your current window
ALT + F4

Select All
Ctrl + A

Find a word or phrase
Ctrl + F

Jump to the browser bar
Ctrl + L

Redo the last operation
Ctrl + Y

Open the start menu
Ctrl + Escape

Alternate between programs
ALT + Tab

Open up task manager
Ctrl + Shift + Escape

Delete an item permanently (bypass sending it to the recycle bin)
Shift + Delete

Minimise open windows
Windows Logo + M

Minimise applications to reveal the desktop
Windows Logo + D

Compare two documents side by side
Windows Logo + left arrow or right arrow

Mac Shortcuts

Command + X

Command + C

Command + V

Command + Z

Open a new browser tab
Command + T

Minimise open windows
Command + Option + M

Clear your cache
Command + Shift + Delete

Select all
Command + A

Find a specific word or phrase
Command + F

Jump to the browser bar
Command + L

Open up Spotlight
Command + Space

Close just your current tab
Command + W.

Open your application switcher
Command + Tab

Force quit
Command + Shift + Option + Esc (for three seconds)

Screenshot your entire screen
Command + Shift + 3

Screenshot a specific application
Command + Shift + 4 + Space Bar

Empty the recycling bin without confirming
Command + Option + Shift + Delete

Find typos in your text
Command + ;

Create a new folder
Command + Shift + N

Create a new email in Apple Mail
Command + Shift + I

Invert your desktop colours
Command + Control + Option + 8